eucalyptus globulus

by Tall Can

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1-5 produced by Dexter & Morlockk Dilemma
6-9 produced by Twit One & Lazy Jones

so my homie peter showed me a busload full of german hip hop instrumentals so i picked out some of my favorites and made songs to them i really dont know how else to say it . . . i hope everybody listens to this cause these beats are amazing and the lyrics are too. . . this is a totally free album so download this shit i don't own the beats nor did i make them they are all made by Dexter & Morlockk Dilemma or Twit One & Lazy Jones one day i hope to fly 2 germany and kick it with these cats they got skills. everybody press play peace.

cover artwork by : Mathias


released July 25, 2014

1-5 produced by Dexter & Morlockk Dilemma
6-9 produced by Twit One & Lazy Jones



all rights reserved


Tall Can San Diego, California


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Track Name: the eXspearMENTAL journey
because they're only gonna snipe you on arrival stay tribal these bright lights u often hear of are meant to blind u build up a tolerance drug swallowin standing on the corner staring at the stars and pondering a new way these new days feel just like the old but who stayed not a soul carve out ya role man made time zones ontop of a grind stone her minds gone and so is ours and so is yours ive lost enuff acid pores flask is torn thru the rhythmatic cracked horns driftin up the back ways sittin on the back porch in a black haze darkness and light its all the same energy rayz they exist to blame i exist just to blaze and get baked aliens got my backfade plus the monsters in the lake for satans sake and heavens grace an angels whisper a demons shake give it up to yourself hi jack you own mental race expand your pace lets meet up in outter space these questions that i have no easy answers less overthinkin creative cancers like a hubcab im spun delux from all these tabs and broken sluts with gabs of gift and broken slabs choked in a lab died from a trip thats how i go out smoking spliffs a hundred and twenty years old living in a croakin ship the motherboards broken down behold the rift
Track Name: shut the fuck up
yo i just wanna know who you are and whats on your mind but currently at this current moment and time my brains completely fryin' yo and i cant say shit im in the middle of a tar pit conversations with fleas and slits in the sunshine chatterboxin drumline right down the freeway blaze the one time like reggie sacks way back we wyld for anarchy in the back of a caddilac with gray straps i know i speak of the trip alot im focused on burning my brain out of existence before my music even gets noticed you must be joking nah im serious as fuck live life broken by addictions just like the next man get in where you fit in cut em off with a mix blend stay by yaself solitude depth chart the towers that were pained by the strains in the kept dark blue sabers of light cut ya destiny in half and divided the mic with demonic laughs this is the stash might be the end of my life everythings primed and projected like an uplifting soul or maybe a kite maybe the winds may be tonight with no friends only haze and pipe fat nugs of nothingness kept me hungry thru the night
Track Name: cornelius criblestein
ayo his name was cornelius owned a spot on the hill where he was known for throwing and parties and kicking back lots of pills triplez and quads whatever u needed just 4 a minute he had everything he wanted but he still didnt get it like ounces everyday and thizzles every night was the coolest way to live crossed mind and bug eyed staring down at the city he showed no pity and wasnt even 21 with a veteran attitude so shitty crashing in empty dreams stashin glass bricks trynna move into that house made of sand walls and mixed sins does it make sense no but does it really make sense just keep it moving the best advice i ever got besides keep it 420 24/7 always under the influence like charlie manson dancing take another hit deja vu intuit yes we're into it if you cant flow with the sharks stay away from the fluid yup i guess thats my tip for the day let me get some extra cheese on my fries then walk away tall can of realness mixed with some eel piss locked into an electrical socket charged like goku can u feel this ? prolly not fuck it im in this music shit for life like a murder in jail using his hands 2 murk his wife fuck it murk her twice bring hip hop back to life just to shit on it nice hug the fuck out of it then put it back in flight i love this music shit like an abusive relationship doctor phil with a knife
Track Name: charlie brown's bong (does it matter?) ft GENERIK
GENERIK : It doesn’t matter who it is or who it aint or wat it does, just let it be, let me breathe..
It doesn’t matter what it is, what it does or what it aint or what it could be, or what it means to me
It took me, a while to figure it out how I really felt.
Now it all makes sense, feel reality melt
As I eye the sky lookin up to the stars
Im really looking inside myself wondering who I are, who I am
What can I do.
In a world worshipped by lies and where Assassination is the truth?
The closer I get, the further away it gets..
Ideas never die, they only get more in depth
Curious w/ the questions, seldom answers
Cant rely on a government who sell us cancers
More stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on the planet
Break the codes of matrix, access granted
Take the path of least resistance
Speak to the universe; it will respond if pure intention is consistent
break the rules, chase a fool, fuck your stamina
I like running red lights and smiling for the cameras
I imagine a magic carpet made of ramen
Follow the rabbit take the red pill, amen-RA
Bubblin like the multiverse in a cauldron
A beer made for gods, share what we have in common
It doesn’t matter who it is and who it aint or wat it does just let it be, let me breathe..
It doesn’t matter what it is, what it does or what it aint or what it could be, or what it means to me


they say a mouth connected to a closed mind can still say a ton but still thruout every single moment my mind it runs searching for a new cave decaying teeth gums bleeding psychedelic tin foil inside the walls theres drums inside the cieling theres bass besides the feelings you chase when everythings numb and comfortablly outta place the windows are made of lace the sunflowers are fine china you can keep it pushing thru this proceeding path or move in reverse prismatic diamonds right behind ya when your minds baking in the over and the moonlites the timer mountains are the backdrop herbs are the backstop on the playing field of life run home jack hook is back with a fat knot of cocaine laced with alien drippings and sheep eyes samurai helmet turtle race clippings stuffed into a bong life cycled into a bitter song guess i should count my blessings dont get me wrong i love this life but when you watch it get snatched away in a mili second more than twice guess it kinda just loses its dopeness or you loose everything you once had addicted to dope hits this herb that im smoking it speaks to me when it glows the orange concious of the burning bush frees me freely i rhyme man made time will never stand a chance against the souls so inclined recline ya self refine ya health get lost in the dark nose dive from the top shelf shattered social states i reside in the depths with nothing left in my chest but dank smoke and regrets
Track Name: the only way
to say whats real anymore would just be w aste when everyones to caught up in they own progressive so called image that doesnt fade wooden blades cut deep into your own veins mescaline form drained wet cigarette tales campfire everclear face dwells over these chased cellse erase dealt cards you couldnt even handle prescription to the crowd that resembles cattle quick to dismantle anything you dream of its prolly on the way to happening your life is laid before you like a sunburnt drunk captain puking off the starboard side skitching to the jolly rogers plank like alright heres the program write rhymes smoke more dam stuck in that 420 life broke stand will keep the leaches far at eaze rollin up the grams and talking to the trees staring at the moon you know how i get down i know what i know anything else i tend to sit down and overthink the situation till my brain fuckin drops out my nostrils and leaves digitally dusted stain marks atop the apostles upside down crossed with psychedelics in laughlin back to san diego in a coffin is where you gonna see me fake my own death like 2pac before i support wack music even if its free g my eyes buggin out in el centro and snorting lines in seeley this rhyme is just a freebie ima hooker to these bars the chorus of your opinion can get squashed in the final verses yard it aint that hard to tell where my minds at come pick a card its magic of the gathering even if its just me and my former self with split personallities and tripped happenings
Track Name: first job
extra terrestrial junk piles her pink hair the skunks wild follow defunked tiles into a drunk smile life is to short or atleast thats what they selling stay tru to you and yours no switchin no tellin life is gellin morning sunrise ill meet ya there prolly fluke ya the first five sessions to greet ya scared at the front gate of the rest of ya life we slowly push on down this parted plane with no energy left show me now whats hidden in the trip whats hidden in the rifts spaceships never fully depart when you split the blunt yo or when u split the atoms this matter will scatter faster than a time traveler moonwalkin backards the actors better check all they fear or get lost amist the funshouse mirrors im running outta beer maybe i should change my name to a taller glass of fear no concerns just weird no concerns...just weird
Track Name: watermarke
this songs about being broke but still having weed to smoke blessed to take another toke raised by stoners and locs the type is hazardous to provoke just the right enuff amount of crazy to show up dosed to your home taking acid and falling right thru head first right thru the screen door screaming what it do eating your cats food making these raps crude crude as 710 dabs and tabs what it do syke im just over here dabbing boogers almond sized moonrocks A1 lines like sugar it'll keep you up perma-fried you keep going like the spirit of mac dre thizzin in the sky rollin this song is az close as we getting to a good time listening to the radio searching for a good rhyme ? it wont happen vibes are crackin in garlic around my neck with fangs faking the funk yo im dreaming of stabbing dreaming of grabbing another funky sack of noize lighting it up what happened to the realness ?? my generation gets blamed that we killed it if thats the case tell me why your heads nodding still bitch